Tuesday, March 23, 2010

we went to aldean's concert, and it was FREAKIN AWESOME! it was practically a double concert for us, cause LUKE BRYAN opened for him and we love him just as much! i'm pretty sure my ears were bleeding when we left! i can't quite put a pin on what i love about concerts more....getting beer spilt on me by a girl shoving her boobs in my face as she's trying to get to her seat, or the little girls sitting behind you jumping up and down as many times as they can making it rumble where your standing! YUP love it all! haha

Thursday, March 11, 2010

YE-ah! we enjoyed ourselves a lil monster truck rally back a few weeks ago as well, Its just not a monster truck rally unless you got some drunken hicks in front of you making you laugh the whole night! wish i woulda got a picutre of them! HILARIOUS!

These are our friends Jed and Brittany who accompanied us snowboarding! It was their 2 year anniversary since they started dating! ( sorry i had to ruin the night by gettin REALLY sick!)

yup yup, this would be my first time snowboarding, this is my Frozen/Frantic face! I dont know about any of you, but i think i was most worried about making a fool of myself gettin off the lift, ya pretty much went over and beyond on that one, not only did i take myself down, i took brady down with me and it felt like i had mangled my ankle before i had even started! And on another side note, i think it took me about an hour just to be able to stand up on the darn thing and i got lapped by a couple people multiple times!so thanks baby for staying with me even though i was on my butt the whole way down !

One of my Bestest Friends Ashley got married in February! Gosh i'm embarrassed it took me so long to post these! But congrats girlie! Happy for you two!

Wow again...where did the time go? So Happy 2nd Anniversary to us! (Back February 16th!) Don't worry we didn't do anything exciting this year, just some glazin at the house! I know your jealous! Love you Babe happy second! Can't wait for a lifetime more!