Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HoLiDay FuN!

Pioneer weekend! Me and the Wall girlies had a fun day makin these cute things! This is as crafty as i've gotten in a LOOOONG time!

Carlie and Colt and their sweet shades
Emmett bein the stud he is!
We had a fun day at Causey over the weekend, brady loved this kayak of candice and corey's. Pretty sure once he got in it he didn't get out till we were done!

FUN at Cathy's Cabin! Favorite picture of back in the mountains on our horse ride!

Steve and lil Jet!
Cruisin down the river on our mighty steeds!

Doin a lil fishin on Bridger Lake! Didn't catch a thing in the canoe...but once i hit the short BAM 2 fishies!
Carlie N Colt
Brady doin some serious fishin :)