Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cabin Fun Aug 2011

Well our lil trip started out with some four wheelin down to the dam....on our travels up there poor lil sammy fell off the front of the four wheeler and got ran over! but no worries she popped right up as usual and was a happy lil camper, such a good dog!

Once we reached the dam we had us a nice lunch and relaxed in the shade!
Played a lil catch with sammy, this dog never quits!

This here is Parker having his dad lace up his boots.....I truely think Parker has got bein the baby of the family down, he's workin EVERYONE haha i honestly think he knows how to do it himself but he'd rather be pampered and make someone else do it! Man if i had that power i'd probably do it to! That lil cutie!
Once we got back from the dam we went on a horse ride! We saw tons of wild life back up in those mountains it was so much fun! These horses are amazing i can't believe what they can climb up and down in the rocky mountains!
Next day we went to Lake Lyman to do some fishin....three hours later no one caught a fish and i ended up with a broken fishin pole :( so despite our fishless adventures we decided to go a shore and do some ax throwin! I can't believe how hard it is! I literally had to use all my body weight just to throw the dang thing! The only people to actually get it to stick were Steve and Brady, but the rest of us sure gave it many a good tries!

Next morning we went on another four wheel ride to try and find us a good shootin spot! Seems we always end up in the same place for this! But it was fun anyway!
My grandpa just gave brady that lever action rifle that i have, oh man it was SO FUN to shoot! I don't think i missed one shot with that thing it was so dead on, and the lever action just makes it that much more exciting! The other one is Brady's semi automatic rifle which i believe was the last gun we got before i put the kaibosh on him for buyin more guns haha so he cherishes that one :) When its all said and done we had a lot of fun this weekend, we did miss havin Corey and Candice with us it didn't seem quite the same!


  1. Looks like you guys had tons of fun! How do you look gorgeous even out in the wilderness?! Not fair!

  2. Glade you all had fun. I wish we could have came this time. We need to go when there is snow. That would be a lot of fun.